My name is Kristin Towers-Rowles and I am a third generation Musical Theatre actress from a very musical family.

My grandmother was the MGM Film actress, Kathryn Grayson (who I loved dearly and was very close to – she recently just passed away in February of 2010). Her ex-husband, my mom’s father, was musician, film actor and Broadway leading man, Johnny Johnston. My mother, Patricia Towers, was a stage actress and singer and my father, Robert Towers, is also a Film/TV/Stage/Radio Vet of almost 65 years!

I also have a brother, musician/Singer/songwriter Jordy Towers who just signed with Interscope Records!

So needless to say, it’s in my blood!

I grew up in Los Angeles, went to the prestigious Hollywood High Performing Arts Magnet (where I was awarded Best Actress & given a Best Vocalist of the Year Award), went to the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City (where I was given a Scholarship) and found myself back in Los Angeles after graduating.

I then went on to do many International and National Tours and regional theater all over California. I spent almost an entire year in rep at Sierra Repertory Company & have also directed for Kelrik Productions in Los Angeles & San Luis Obispo.

I was injured on a National Tour and saw that it was a message to slow down for a while and just “be”. In that time I got married to my very supportive & loving husband, Ryan Rowles and had 3 beautiful daughters Ryanna, Makayla and Amelya (3 babies in 3 years – I’ll take my gold medal now!!!)

Since January of 2009, I have been non-stop working again in Musical Theatre and it has been a dream come true to be doing what I love again and being able to balance that with family life.

Two silly quick stories:

I once sang the role of “Josephine” in the Celebration Theatre’s show, “Pinafore” – the guy (yes, the GUY) playing Josephine lost his voice and I was his voice (singing and acting) for 2 performances upstage with a script and a mike! Got a standing ovation both nights.

Swung into the role of Sister Mary Amnesia in “Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree” with 2 hours notice. I was playing Leo in the same production – we wrote her out and I did the show almost entirely off book. The house manager had offered a full refund to anyone who asked for their money back…no one asked :-)

Here is what critics have said about my work:

Please go to my BroadwayWorld to read the review of my Solo Show, “A Lovely Lineage”:

“Little Shop has two supreme guest artists Kristin Towers-Rowles as Audrey and musical director Joshua Eli Kranz….Rowles, a versatile singer and actress, makes Audrey totally her own, nicely filling out the dresses…Her two big numbers ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ and ‘Suddenly Seymour’ are dynamically and gorgeously sung, and her honest-to-goodness sympathetic/caring nature peeking through the tacky veneer is duly noted throughout…Kristin Towers-Rowles, can proudly add another dynamite characterization to her acting repertoire.”
-Don Grigware, Broadway World

“Kristin Towers-Rowles plays Audrey and she has the most beautiful voice and amazing acting/comic chops you’ll ever see in live theater. Her songs, “Somewhere That’s Green” and her duet in “Suddenly Seymour,” will literally blow you away with warmth and heart. Kristin is funny, charming and plays the broken down and battered girlfriend to a tee down to her hair, costume and attitude. Brava Kristin!”
– Lorenzo Marchessi, Van Nuys Press

“Highlights include: Rowles’ sensuous ‘Arthur in the Afternoon’…Rowles is a knockout with Ruge singing and dancing ‘A Quiet Thing’ and ‘When It All Comes True’ from Flora the Red Menace. – Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld

“One of the high points of the evening is the choreographed musical scene with Kristin Towers-Rowles and Ryan Ruge. The number, a mix of “Marry Me” and the haunting “A Quiet Thing” is a three act play all in itself. Filled with yearning, pain and humor it affords a moment for these two powerhouse musical theatre performers to truly connect with each other and the material.”
– Michael Ford, Grace Notes

“Kristin Towers-Rowles as Olive Ostrovsky is an Equity performer who knows her way around a stage. Her Olive is well thought out and solidly performed and sung.
_ Jack Lyons, Desert Local News

“Towering above this all is the always splendid Towers-Rowles as King’s moll Norma, a role which the 2010-11 Scenie Award winner plays to the hilt. Wisecracking and malapropping to dumb blonde perfection, Towers-Rowles gets two big show-stopping numbers, “Paris Makes Me Horny” and “Chicago, Illinois,” and stops the show each time.” – Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

“On Saturday night, it was actress Kristen Towers-Rowles as Marchand’s French-maligning, gum-chewing gangster moll Norma Cassidy who stole the show, if audience reaction was an indicator. Towers-Rowles provided much comic relief as the brassy blonde…The actress can sing and dance. Her hilarious set pieces, such as the suggestive, city name-checking “Paris Makes Me Horny” (“Been to Munich, every man’s a eunuch… been to Dublin, not exactly bubblin’”), are show highlights.”
– Michael Aushenker / Special to The Malibu Times

“Still, all of the above must bow in the presence of Towers-Rowles, who follows Best-Of-Show performances in Kiss Me Kate and Sunday In The Park With George with a Princess Winnifred which pays tribute to the Burnett original, all the while making the part very much her own. “Fred” offers Towers-Rowles the chance to show off tiptop slapstick skills, charisma that belies her petite stature, and one heck of a Broadway belt.” – Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

“Kristin Towers-Rowles’ impressive performance as Princess Winifred elevates the scenes in which she appears…sparks memories of the role’s originator, Carol Burnett, particularly in the show’s best-known number, “Shy.” Towers-Rowles’ strong vocals are matched by her disarming comedic skills, as she makes it easy to root for the unrefined, fun-loving princess.” – Jeff Farve, The Daily Breeze

“Kristin Towers-Rowles, as the dim-witted Philia, possesses that rare combination of accomplished vocalist and deft comedian. Her singing and timing stand out, whether she’s trying to shake off a fake bird perched on her hand, belting out operatic arias or simply struggling to count to three…” – Steve Wolcott, The Patch

“Kristin Towers-Rowles as Philia, the virgin courtesan who has trouble counting to three, has a unique persona and an extraordinary ability to milk every moment on stage. Her comic timing was spot on and sincere…A very nice performance and a very nice voice”…Joe Straw, Joe Straw#9 Blog

“Kristin Towers-Rowles’ Dot is pitch-perfect, with a beautiful command of Sondheim’s score” – Sarah Taylor Ellis, Compositions on Theatre

“Kristin Towers-Rowles is luminous as Dot and Marie, so startling different from her just-completed roles as Lilli and Katherina in Kiss Me Kate that it seems scarcely possible the parts have been played by the same actress. Act One’s Rowles is heartbreakingly transparent as George’s lover-victim-survivor, Act Two’s Marie a deeply affecting mix of Southern grit and geriatric frailty. Rowles’ soprano is crystal clear, her stage presence magnetic, her acting rich and moving, and she never once recycles Bernadette.” – Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“The show’s stars include Kristin Towers-Rowles, brilliant, lovely and lively as ever, performing in the musical her grandmother, Kathryn Grayson, starred in for MGM in 1953…Towers-Rowles gets to do a bit more than her grandmother, whose MGM version was a little toned down for decency reasons. (She gets to holler “Bastard!” on stage more than once.) Her Kate is vivid, feisty and as violent as her small frame allows..”
– John Farrell, Daily Breeze/Press Telegram

“Rowles milks every one of Lilli’s divalicious moments, plays the heck out of Kate’s spitfire temper tantrums, and sings in a glorious soprano much like her Grandma’s.”
– Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Kristin Towers-Rowles, who has brightened more than one show at The Relevant Stage, was not only the star of the show…she was also the brightest, most endearing and vocally most powerful actor on stage – always bright, musical, intelligent and perfectly suited to the role of Millie…Towers-Rowles carried the show on her small but capable back, and it was worth the price of admission to hear her.”
– John Farrell, Daily Breeze/Press Telegram

“Kristin Towers-Rowles is a sexy, sensational Muriel, and she would have been just as right for Christine…” – Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Towers’ Audrey wins us over instantly with the ideal balance of peroxided insecurity and vocal command….Towers has A-movie skills with B-movie attitude.”
– Robert Koehler, Los Angeles Times

“Standout performances among the uniformly capable cast begin with Kristin Towers-Rowles as Casilda, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro. Her lyrical soprano soars easily into the fanciful flights of Sullivan’s score.”
– Rita Moran, Ventura County Star

“Overall, Towers-Rowles gave a stellar performance. A great stage presence.”
– Steve Lieberman, Culver City Observer

– Les Spindle,

“Kristin Towers, as Jennifer Rumson, radiates spirit, innocence and strength and a lovely singing voice”
– Leo Stutson, The Modesto Bee

“Kristin Towers-Rowles (Anne Egerman) makes an undeniable imprint both in voice and acting ability.”
– Melissa Suzanne, Theatre Reviewer,

“In ‘Teach Me How To Shimmy,’ a white go-go dress, draped in rows of fringe and animated by Kristin Towers-Rowles as she gives herself over, body and soul, to the shimmy, does not need any help holding the stage.”
– Special Theatre Reviewer, Palisadian Post

“Kristin Towers is strong and effervescent as Young Violet”
— Leo Stutson, The Modesto Bee